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Amanda Nielsen
By Amanda Nielsen on November 10, 2020

Congratulations! You’ve officially reached the point where you can no longer manage your business’s social media presence without feeling like drowning.

Wait, why are we congratulating you on feeling overwhelmed?

Because it means you did it. You successfully cultivated a social media presence for your brand that is driving your business so much you can’t keep up. Be proud of yourself. 

We know that our sentiments don’t alleviate the pressure you’re feeling. So once again, we’re here to help you figure out the next step in your journey of social media marketing. 

That next step is partnering up with a social media management agency.


What does a social media management agency do?


The idea of an agency sounds great, but what do they actually do? 

Essentially, a social media management agency is responsible for creating, managing and executing your social media marketing strategy. They’re in charge of everything from brand awareness to measuring results. Here’s everything they can help with:

  • Social media marketing strategy. When you partner up with an agency, the first thing the both of you will figure out is your strategy. Agencies have been in the social media business for a long time and they know what works. Wouldn’t you want an expert opinion.

  • Channel management. Like we said above, an agency is responsible for all-things social – this includes the day-to-day management of each social media network your business is active on. Scheduling social posts while you inhale a breakfast burrito is now a thing of the past.

  • Content creation. We’re willing to bet this is where you spend most of your time when it comes to social media marketing. Imagine what you can do with the extra hours when you no longer have to dream up and manage every ounce of content.

  • Paid social media. Whether you’ve messed around with running paid ads or not, an agency knows how to get the most bang for your buck. Plus, a social media agency won’t just manage the targeting, content and creative – they’ll also manage your budget.

  • Engagement. Even though social algorithms change frequently, engaging with your audience always lands you a better spot on the newsfeed. You’ll rest easier knowing a social media management agency has your back and you’ll never have to rush to answer a comment again. 


Do I actually need a social media management agency?


If you’re still reading this post, the short answer is yes, you do need a social media management agency. But we understand that it’s a big leap and a chunk of your budget. So we’ll play the pros and cons game:


  1. Partnering with a social media management agency will give you countless hours back in your day so you can focus on delighting your customers. 

  2. You won’t have to play the guessing game of, “is this the right way to run my social media strategy?” Agencies are social media wizards. 

  3. The budget you’ve allocated for social media marketing will be used properly. You’ll never throw dollars down the drain for targeting the wrong audience or running the wrong ad again.

  4. You’ll have a clear understanding of the ROI from social media marketing. 



  1. Agencies can be pricey. You’ll need to allocate for more than just paid ads in your social media budget.

  2. Finding the right agency partner can be tricky. You need to be able to fully trust someone who doesn’t know your business inside and out to be ‘you’ online.


You might have a few more to add to the list, but you get the idea. If you’re done drowning, the pros of working with a social media management agency drastically outweigh the cons. 

The trick is just finding the right agency.


How to choose the best social media management agency for your business


When it comes to choosing a social media management agency, you need to be confident that the partner you choose is your social media soulmate. They need to fully understand your business, your goals and where you’re at with your current strategy. The right agency will take the time to know you as a team, yearn to grow with your business and not just see you as a dollar sign. 

The first thing you need to define is your budget. This can be the most frustrating part of choosing an agency, because most don’t have the price clearly outlined on their website. You’ll need to do a fair amount of window shopping and an even larger amount of interviews. Although it may be tempting to go with the first agency you meet, don’t rush this process. You don’t want to get yourself into a situation where there’s no chemistry or alignment.

You’ll also want to make sure the agency you’re evaluating has a proven track record of creating results. A good rule of thumb? See if their current customers look similar to your business. If your business is on the smaller side and all you see on the agency’s website are results from Fortune 500 companies, you’re probably in the wrong place. 

Finally, there’s a bit of a leap of faith required in choosing an agency. You’re putting your business’s social media presence in the hands of people you don’t know. Trust your gut, verify their expertise and expect nothing less than outstanding results. 

Ready to commit to a healthy relationship with a social media management agency? You’re in the right place.



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